Cognitive Enhancers

  • Mar 21, 2023
  • By: Dr Marianne Sumner
Cognitive Enhancers

Cognitive enhancers, also known as nootropics or 'smart drugs', are substances which can improve learning capacity, cognition and attention, among other things. The most powerful kinds of these substances are medications which are capable of promoting wakefulness, for example, modafinil and armodafinil. These medications have been used for a while, with the former being approved for use in the US in 1998.

Online shopping has made what was once a long-winded ordeal very simple. Now people can order anything they need with the click of a mouse and have it delivered to their homes. If you ever find yourself asking questions like; 'Are there drugs that make you smarter?', 'What are cognitive enhancers?' or 'Where can I buy cognitive enhancers?' - Read on, as we answer these questions and more.

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Cognitive Enhancers Uses?

The official conditions which these nootropics are approved to treat cause hypersomnia or affect circadian rhythm, causing excessive tiredness.

Some uses which are approved include;

  • Cognitive Enhancers for Narcolepsy - Studies show how well they can improve focus and memory in those with this condition.
  • Cognitive Enhancers for Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD) - Stimulants like Modafinil can help people stay alert during their work shifts.
  • Cognitive Enhancers for ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) - These medications help improve concentration.

These medications, according to studies, have the ability to improve our memories and capacity for learning. As a result, some people may use them for these reasons. People who commonly use them include;

  • Students - Future scholars getting ahead academically.
  • High Flyers - Busy individuals who work demanding schedules.
  • Business Executives - Corporate members who need to go the extra distance for their company.

Cognitive Enhancers Mechanism of Action

Pharmacological nootropic enhancers like Armodafinil work in ways which are still not wholly understood. What is known is that they work on neurotransmitters and receptors in the bodys central nervous system boosting those which increase wakefulness and lowering others which make us tired or relaxed. Two neurochemicals that they work to modulate are Serotonin and Dopamine.

While serotonin controls food, sleep and mood, dopamine is in charge of motivation, reward and attention. Studies have shown that these substances increase these neurochemicals which can support peoples motivation to finish projects they have started. These effects are what make these medications great for treating daytime tiredness and attention problems.

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Cognitive Enhancers Dosage Guide

When people buy Cognitive enhancers, they typically find them in tablet forms which are to be swallowed with water. Adults should take 150 mg of the medication once daily, typically in the morning or an hour before commencing work. New users should always start with a smaller dosage. To achieve the best possible outcomes, it is very important to take dosages at the same time each day.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes getting adequate sleep, working out regularly and eating a well-balanced diet, are other methods to maximize the effectiveness of these drugs. Because the brain needs healthy circulation to function at its best, maintaining a healthy lifestyle guarantees that it is in prime condition.

How Long Do Cognitive Enhancers Last?

The most commonly used cognitive enhancers, Modafinil and Armodafinil, have a duration of action of 12 - 15 hours. The medications usually take an hour to kick in from oral administration, however, these times can vary slightly depending on a few differences between each person. Lifestyle, age, weight and pre-existing conditions may have an impact on metabolism speeds.

The effects of this medicine may last longer in elderly individuals and those with impaired kidney and liver function than they do in other patients. They should therefore seek medical advice before using any nootropics, for obvious reasons. A lower dose is typically advised to guarantee the safety of the treatment and test how well patients first react.

Why are Cognitive Enhancers Safe?

Modafinil has been used for more than 20 years to treat narcolepsy and other disorders after being thoroughly investigated and confirmed to be both safe and effective by the FDA. Increased concentration and problem-solving skills were the side effects that were most frequently mentioned in clinical trials. As the original medication is already FDA-approved, generics just have to follow their example.

The manufacturers of generic medications are governed by the FDAs Office of Generic Drugs (OGD). When they make generic versions of popular Cognitive enhancers, they must make them in their likeness to the original medication. Generics are safe and effective but patients should always research any new medication before use. For that purpose, we have a patient information leaflet for each medication we stock.

How to Get Cognitive Enhancers Prescription Free?

People now have a far easier option than the traditional approach of attending doctors appointments thanks to the growth of online pharmacies. People may now access websites that let them read reviews and compare pricing for all of the things that are stocked. Internet pharmacies can deliver their prescriptions right to customers homes without needing to see a prescription first.

Now, people do not even need to travel to several pharmacies and doctors to buy Cognitive enhancers. With the help of online pharmacies, people have easier access to generic pharmaceuticals. Yet, people wishing to save money and time can also benefit from the convenience and advantages provided by them, such as discounts on bulk purchases and home delivery.

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Buy Cognitive Enhancers Online in the USA

People who wish to buy Cognitive enhancers and have them delivered within the USA may do so here. We are a specialist distributor which operates online, selling nootropics with nationwide delivery. To start putting your order together, browse the product page until you find what you need. Select the quantity, add it to the cart and then proceed to checkout.

We accept payment by Bitcoin, MasterCard and Visa and even offer free delivery and medications to those who use Bitcoin. When payment is complete, we will send out a confirmation email and once the order is dispatched, we will send a tracking ID.

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